Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Peonies are blooming

Peony BushPeony The peonies, which came to live in the front court yard last spring, are in bloom.  The picture on the left shows the happy bush, but you can't see the blooms because the white flowers are so bright.  The picture on the right shows one of the blooms close up (you can click for a larger image of the close up).

Since the peony bush is my favorite flower in the garden, it should have a name.  No wait... maybe the wisteria is my favorite flower... or maybe the roses.  Well, I can't name them all, so the peony will go unnamed.  But, dear Peony, today you are the favorite one.

Next day, Thursday...

Speaking of wisteria, I went to the hardware store and bought one of those long pruning things on a pole, so I can trim the wisteria growing up the side of the house and around the network phone line.  There was a warning on the pruning thing's package about being careful not to electrocute yourself on wires.  Smugly, I thought only a fool would cut through wires.  Can you see "fool" written across my forehead?  I cut the telephone wire.  I called the repair company.  They are coming to splice the wire back together on Friday.  The satellite dish works just fine, but it needs the phone line for communicating with the network company.

Note about the weather:  It's 9:30 at night.  It's 78F outside and 80F inside.  We skipped by Spring quickly and went strait on to Summer.


  1. I'm surprised you can grow peonies down there...but then I'm not sure it's what I know as a peony; maybe it's a "Tree Peony"? The leaf shape looks more like Tree Peony.
    Peonies do well here in Canada -- they handle the cold winters very well -- but I didn't think they really did heat well. Tree Peonies don't handle the cold as well.
    Whatever it is, the bloom is opulent and gorgeous.

  2. Right, Ted, it's a Tree Peony. It made it through our hot summer (highs around 46C/115F) last year, but it was ready for Fall. I pruned it back in the Fall and it looked dormant all Winter (lows around -3C/26F), but came back happy in the Spring.