Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Sentinel

Image We went to see The Sentinel (Satisfactory) today.  Based on the movie trailer I thought I knew who the bad guy was.  If I had bet with Jan I would have lost my nickel.  After a few minutes into the film, Jan knew who the bad guy was, and she spoke up a few times during the show to point out some inconsistencies.

It's not a great movie, but it was okay.  Michael Douglas, our hero, still looks good.  Eva Longoria, from TV's Desperate Housewives, has a small part and acts well enough so that she isn't the same character in the film as she is on TV.  Keifer Sutherland doesn't do so well.  He plays the same character in the film as he does on TV's 24.  Kim Basinger plays the first lady in an unconvincing way.  I think she was miscast.

The NY Times says, "Why would a star of Michael Douglas's stature and intelligence attach
himself to a Washington thriller as deeply ridiculous, suspense-free
and potentially career-damaging as "The Sentinel?
"  That's maybe a little harsh, but not too far off the mark.  You can click on the movie poster to read the NY Times review.

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