Friday, May 5, 2006

Yarn Snobbery

Lion Brand HomespunI'm making a square for an afghan out of Lion Brand Homespun.  The color is "Mediterranean".  Lion Brand describes the color as "the colors of a Grecian hillside".  It's the perfect color for what I want to do, which is make a 10 inch square.  It's brighter than it looks in the picture, and has some blue-gray hightlights, so maybe the color is "Meadow" instead.  Can you tell I don't have the label anymore?

Garter Check ChartI found a stitch pattern in an old (1984) book called "The New Knitting Dictionary" by Rhoda Ochser Goldberg.  In addition to about 1000 stitches and patterns, said book includes How To Knit, Tools, Yarns, Symbols, Jacquard, Cable, and Finishing.  I guess I've had this book about 20 years, and probably learned something about knitting from it, but never used the patterns.  The chart shows the stitch pattern I'm making, called Garter Check Stitch.

Knit/Purl patterns like this don't jump out at you in L.B. Homespun, but if you look, the patterns are there.  I chose the yarn because everything about the color is perfect.  I chose the pattern because it lends itself to being square.

So, I'm knitting along and the little voice says, "This is acrylic.  You know acrylic isn't good enough."  Tonight I talked back to the little voice!  "I have to admit that it feels a little squeaky until it has been washed, but after washing it is soft.  My favorite TV watching shawl is made from this stuff."

Yarn snobs, you can stuff it.  I'll knit with whatever I feel like knitting with, and tonight it was acrylic.

Yours truly,
The Low Brow, Low Class Knitter Who Just Wants To Have Fun
And Enjoy Life

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