Tuesday, June 6, 2006

All About My Mother

We saw a Netflix DVD tonight - All About My Mother (****Very Good).  This time of year there are better movies for rent on DVD than there are in the theaters.

All About My Mother is a Spanish movie that has a mother as a central character. In December, 1999, Roger Ebert wrote, "Pedro Almodovar's
films are a struggle between real and fake heartbreak--between tragedy
and soap opera. They're usually funny, too, which increases the
tension. You don't know where to position yourself while you're
watching a film like ``All About My Mother,'' and that's part of the
appeal: Do you take it seriously, like the characters do, or do you
notice the bright colors and flashy art decoration, the cheerful
homages to Tennessee Williams and ``All About Eve,'' and see it as a
parody? Even Almodovar's camera sometimes doesn't know where to stand:
When the heroine's son writes in his journal, the camera looks at his
pen from the point of view of the paper.

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