Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Early Summer in the yard

I took a photo tour of the back yard today.  You can click on any of the thumbnails for a larger image.  The last week or so, since returning from vacation, I have been pulling weeds.  It's amazing how many weeds can pop up in just two weeks or so of moist, sunny condiitons!  I thought it would be nice to stop and smell the roses.

20060606 Back Yard 20060606 Rose 20060606 Roses Yellow

The yard is doing very, very well this year.  It must be all the rain we had.  These first three pictures show the yard looking toward the picnic bench.  The pink rose is the newest in the family - came last year.  The yellow rose is a showy girl that lives in a sunny spot.  Of course I don't know the real names of the roses, but each one was picked because it smells like a rose.

20060606 Hydrangia with Umbrella 20060606 Hydrangia Blossom

A friend remarked recently that our hydrangea is the only one she knows of that has its own umbrella.  If we take the umbrella down in warm weather like today (93F/34C), then the poor baby just wilts.  The blossoms aren't quite "ripe" yet, so there is some green mixed in the with pink.

20060606 Rhodie Bush 20060606 Rhodie Blossom

The rhodie bloomed this year!  This poor rhodie came from the nursery as a happy, healthy plant.  I put it in the wrong spot and it got too much sun and the leaves were burned.  Last fall Ben, my hero-of-the-heavy-lifting, moved it to the back yard.  Now it lives under and arbutus.  I left on vacation (May 8) wondering whether it would bloom or not.  What a treat to come home to blooms!

20060606 Lilly 20060606 Gardenia 20060606 Mock Orange 20060606 Petunia

And, we have other plants being happy right now (from left to right): lily, gardenia bush, mock orange bush, petunias.

This is what we live through winter for!

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