Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Gentle Breeze Tee

Don't you just hate it when somebody posts a rectangle of flat knitting and says, "Here's my current sweater in progress?"

Here's my current sweater in progress :-)  Well, it's not a sweater, but a summer T-Shirt,  I'm up to the arm holes on the front, and almost to the armholes in the back.

This is bamboo yarn, and so far it has been really fun to work with.  It slides through your fingers as you work, and doesn't tire my hands like cotton.  The knitting is boring, if you don't count the moments of terror when I am seized by the fear that it won't fit after the hours and hours I have spent knitting stockinette.

I modified the pattern (up sized it), and verified with my LYS owner that sleeves are generally not up sized as much as the body of a sweater, so I'll be doing the decreases almost as specified in the pattern... just adding an extra increase or two to the armhole, and using about the same arm hole depth as specified.

Here is a link to the blog entry that introduces the Gentle Breeze Tee.

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