Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Knitting Software

I haven't written about knitting in a little bit, so I thought I'd talk about my knitting software.

The software I have all comes from Knitting Software, Inc., which is software developed by Carole Wulster and supported by Noah Wulster and the rest of the staff.  There is a Yahoo discussion group which is monitored by Carole for technical and usability problems. Other users answer most of the questions new users come up with.

So, which applications do I have?  In order of purchase (oldest to newest), they are:

  1. Stitch and Motif Maker
    I've had this for years and use it mostly for charting lace or other stitch patterns.  I don't do much color work.  Lately, I've started using Excel for charting lace (there are knitting fonts you can use in Excel).  Either Excel or S&MM work just fine for charts.

  2. Math Wizard
    This is a good program for figuring yardage requirements and evenly distributed events in your work.  You can figure vertical increases or decreases (how many rows between), horizontal events, button hole placement, etc., etc.  At the bottom of the calculation screen, written instructions are shown which can be printed or exported to your favorite word processor.

  3. Sweater Wizard
    I just got this one the other day, and so far I've used it to validate the math I used to up size my Gentle Breeze Tee.  It gave me a nice feeling that I had cast on the right number of stitches.  Now I have to compare the shoulder and armhole shaping to my body in order modify the SW pattern (or not).  The finishing work on the Tee will come from the Fiber Trends pattern, no SW.

    The pattern generated from my numbers is easy to understand and can be exported to my favorite word processor.

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