Friday, June 9, 2006

New Tires

20060609 CostcoI went to Costco this morning to have my new tires installed.

20060609 Costco TiresNo Appointment Necessary, they said....  There was a 2 1/2 hour wait, would I like to come back another day?  No, I said.  I'll leave the car and return.  Costco is across the street from two of my favorite stores, and a few others too.  I had a book with me, but no knitting.  Off I went....

20060609 Cost PlusI spent 40 minutes or so in Cost Plus.  Found a blank card showing two cats made up to look like World Wrestlers fighting... perfect as an apology card to someone I had been mean to.  Lately I've been extremely surly and unhappy with my lot in life.  I have a good life, so I've decided to change my attitude, try being nicer to the people around me. 

20060609 Barnes and Noble Store

After Cost Plus, I went to Circuit City and played with the new Treo 700P.  I like.  When my current contract with Cingular runs out in December I'll probably go back to Verizon and try a 700P... probably.  The pictures in today's blog entry were taken with my Treo 650.  Not too bad for a two year old camera phone.

Finally, I got to sit down in Barnes & Noble and have lunch and read the book I had been carrying with me.  I checked out the knitting section, and found the Vogue stitch dictionary book I had just ordered from Amazon.  I was surprised and a little disappointed that there are no charts in the book.  Oh, well....

20060609 New Tires

Back in Costco, 2 and 1/2 hours later, I admired my new Michelin tires and headed home.  They ride well.


  1. Have you been able to make a bluetooth connection from your 700P to your 2004 Prius?

  2. Brian, no bluetooth connection setup yet. I don't use my phone in the car very much.