Sunday, June 25, 2006

Over The Hedge

Image We saw the cartoon Over the Hedge (*** Good) today.  It was a great way to spend 84 minutes on a Sunday, the hottest day of the year so far, and the day that the power company decided to turn the power off so they could trim some trees (so no air conditioner).

The picture is a link to Roger Ebert's review.  He liked it better than the NY Times, but neither thought it was very good. 

Jan and I both laughed and thought the theater's air conditioning was fine.


Also this week we saw The Beautiful Country (**** Very Good) on DVD... reviewed in the NY Times.  It is the story of a young Vietnamese man, born to a Vietnamese mother and an American G.I. father.  He is an outcast in Vietnam, where the movie starts.  The satisfying conclusion is set in a God forsaken ranch hand's trailer in a parched corner of Texas.  I liked it, and was struck by the peaceful demeanor of the young man, named Binh.  The NY Times called him stoic.  I guess it's all what you see in his face.


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