Friday, July 21, 2006

Doing the best you can

I surf the web (a lot), and there are some really good knitters and designers out there.  I won't add any links because I'd leave the wrong person out.  On some sites the finished work is just beautiful.  On others (here comes the whining)...

The workmanship is bad (and these people are not beginners).
The fit is bad.
The color choices are bad.

Finishing is part of the work.  Do it right.  There are several good knitting reference books and web sites on finishing.  Look it up.

The fit being wrong comes from denial, I believe.  Do a gauge swatch and alter a pattern so it fits the intended recipient.  Don't just make a guess and hope for the best.

There are some hand knitted things that are well made (beautiful workmanship), fit perfectly, etc., but the color choices turn your stomach. has some articles on color.  Sally Mellville has an entire book devoted to color.  You can do better.

If you knit for meditation therapy, and don't care all that much about the results, try knitting afghans with just one natural fiber color.  It's really hard to screw those up.  You can give them to charity.

I think, for me, the goal of perfect finished objects has come with
time.  I certainly didn't care about it when I was beginning.

If you knit wearable objects, do the best work you can - be a perfectionist.  Going through learning processes is a good thing.  Don't settle for mediocre work.  You'll be so happy with the result!

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