Friday, September 8, 2006

Toyota is not ass

I learned a new slang word today... "ass" is bad, but "not ass" is good.  Toyota is not ass.

JLG and I jointly own a 2001 Toyota Prius (and a 2004 Toyota Prius).  That's two Priuses.  The 2001, pictured left, has had an odd, intermittent steering problem since it was a newish car.  It was undiagnosable, since it only happened when the car was cold at slow speeds - like when you are backing and turning out of the driveway in the morning.  All of a sudden the steering wheel would have a fit and start shuddering mightily, and scare the owner-operator almost to death.  This is ass.

Finally, on the most recent visit, the dealership said that Toyota had issued a bulletin saying that cars with this problem would need a new electric steering rack (whatever that is).  Toyota will pay for the parts ($1K), but not the labor ($700).  The car is out of warranty so Toyota was being kind to pay for the $1K parts.  I didn't agree and thought Toyota could pay for the labor as well, since the problem has existed since the car was a baby.

So, I talked to the Customer Relations person at the dealer, and I talked on the phone to Toyota.  I got a case number.  I explained I thought Toyota should pay for the labor.  Toyota thought about it and called me back today.  We still have to pay for the labor, but Toyota will reimburse us for the labor costs!  Not ass, not ass at all :-)

Thanks, Toyota, for standing behind your products!

A Happy Prius Owner

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