Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Cheese? Peanuts? Food Poisoning?

Oooh, boy howdy!  No sleep for me last night.  I think I have food poisoning.  I've been spending time hugging the toilet, and having chills so bad my teeth chattered.  Something like this happened to Jan a few days ago, so I'm suspecting there are some bad peanuts in the house (urp).

I am resolved to throw away the new block of Vermont Cheddar cheese I just opened, and to throw away the peanuts I bought at WinCo.

This has not been a fun night, so I think I'll have to call and cancel the rug cleaner who was supposed to come first thing today :-(


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  1. A Salmonella outbreak in South Carolina has been traced to peanuts. See for more information.