Sunday, December 17, 2006

Borack and Hillary

Can Borack Obama win the next US Presidential election?

He's rational.  He's believable.  He's attractive.  He's not Hillary.

I would have only 1 problem voting for Hillary if she ran.  I'm afraid she couldn't be effective because too many people hate her.  I think she has three strikes against her:  1: She is Bill Clinton's wife - still is after he acted badly again and again.  You could say that this is a good thing instead of a bad thing; 2: She is perceived to be a little too far left of center.  Left would feel good for a while; and 3: She wasn't particularly effective when given the health care problem when she was First Lady.  I think it's because so many people hate her.  The good news is that she's plenty smart.

And some people are talking about a Clinton/Obama ticket.  Which one would agree to be Vice President?

I guess it's time to start watching Obama.  He's not controversial on the issues, which is good.

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