Thursday, December 7, 2006

Stranger Than Fiction

Today is the last day that Stranger Than Fiction (*** Good) is playing at our movie house, so we went to a matinee.

The story is strange.  The premise is that Harold Crick is a
character in Kay Eiffel's manuscript.  When Kay types words into her
manuscript, Harold hears her voice in his head.  The voice tells him
his death is imminent.  Harold is an IRS agent who is hearing voices
and falling in love with his current auditee, a baker, Ana Pascal.

Will Ferrell is very good as Harold.  Maggy Gyllenhaal is good as Ana.  Ema Thompson rocks as the author, Kay.  Dustin Hoffman is also good as Jules, a literature professor.

All through the movie you are waiting to hear how Harold will die, and wondering whether the book will be a comedy or a tragedy.

I recommend it.  The NY Times thought it was just okay.

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